This page was exported from Offer Braindump2go Latest Microsoft Exam Questions [ ] Export date:Thu Aug 13 23:27:38 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [March-2019-New]100% Valid SY0-501 VCE and PDF Exam Dumps 570Q Provided by Braindump2go --------------------------------------------------- 2019/March Braindump2go SY0-501 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new SY0-501 Real Exam Questions: 1.|2019 Latest SY0-501 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) Instant Download:|2019 Latest SY0-501 Exam Questions & Answers Instant Download: QuestionA technician needs to implement a system which will properly authenticate users by their username and password only when the users are logging in from a computer in the office building. Any attempt to authenticate from a location other than the office building should be rejected.Which of the following MUST the technician implement?A. Dual factor authenticationB. Transitive authenticationC. Single factor authenticationD. Biometric authenticationAnswer: BNew QuestionAfter correctly configuring a new wireless enabled thermostat to control the temperature of the company's meeting room, Joe, a network administrator determines that the thermostat is not connecting to the internet-based control system. Joe verifies that the thermostat received the expected network parameters and it is associated with the AP. Additionally, the other wireless mobile devices connected to the same wireless network are functioning properly. The network administrator verified that the thermostat works when tested at his residence. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason the thermostat is not connecting to the internet?A. The company implements a captive portalB. The thermostat is using the incorrect encryption algorithmC. the WPA2 shared likely is incorrectD. The company's DHCP server scope is fullAnswer: AExplanation:The thermo can't log into the captive portal.New QuestionA Chief Security Officer (CSO) has been unsuccessful in attempts to access the website for a potential partner ( Which of the following rules is preventing the CSO from accessing the site?Blocked sites: *, *, *.mars?A. Rule 1: deny from inside to outside source any destination any service smtpB. Rule 2: deny from inside to outside source any destination any service pingC. Rule 3: deny from inside to outside source any destination {blocked sites} service http-httpsD. Rule 4: deny from any to any source any destination any service anyAnswer: CNew QuestionMalware that changes its binary pattern on specific dates at specific times to avoid detection is known as a (n):A. armored virusB. logic bombC. polymorphic virusD. TrojanAnswer: CNew QuestionA company is planning to encrypt the files in several sensitive directories of a file server with a symmetric key. Which of the following could be used?A. RSAB. TwoFishC. Diffie-HelmanD. NTLMv2E. RIPEMDAnswer: BNew QuestionWhich of the following is a document that contains detailed information about actions that include how something will be done, when the actions will be performed, and penalties for failure?A. MOUB. ISAC. BPAD. SLAAnswer: DNew QuestionWhich of the following are MOST susceptible to birthday attacks?A. Hashed passwordsB. Digital certificatesC. Encryption passwordsD. One time passwordsAnswer: ANew QuestionJoe a computer forensic technician responds to an active compromise of a database server. Joe first collects information in memory, then collects network traffic and finally conducts an image of the hard drive. Which of the following procedures did Joe follow?A. Order of volatilityB. Chain of custodyC. Recovery procedureD. Incident isolationAnswer: ANew QuestionA system administrator wants to implement an internal communication system that will allow employees to send encrypted messages to each other. The system must also support non- repudiation. Which of the following implements all these requirements?A. BcryptB. BlowfishC. PGPD. SHAAnswer: CNew QuestionGiven the log output:Max 15 00:15:23.431 CRT: #SEC_LOGIN-5-LOGIN_SUCCESS: Login Success [user: msmith] [Source:][localport: 23] at 00:15:23:431 CET Sun Mar 15 2015Which of the following should the network administrator do to protect data security?A. Configure port security for logonsB. Disable telnet and enable SSHC. Configure an AAA serverD. Disable password and enable RSA authenticationAnswer: BNew QuestionThe firewall administrator is adding a new certificate for the company's remote access solution. The solution requires that the uploaded file contain the entire certificate chain for the certificate to load properly. The administrator loads the company certificate and the root CA certificate into the file. The file upload is rejected. Which of the following is required to complete the certificate chain?A. Certificate revocation listB. Intermediate authorityC. Recovery agentD. Root of trustAnswer: B!!!RECOMMEND!!!1.|2019 Latest SY0-501 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) Instant Download:|2019 Latest SY0-501 Study Guide Video Instant Download: YouTube Video: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2019-03-18 07:47:49 Post date GMT: 2019-03-18 07:47:49 Post modified date: 2019-03-18 07:47:49 Post modified date GMT: 2019-03-18 07:47:49 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from